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The Pumpkin Family


To all Educators, Parents, Grandparents and Mentors;

Thank you very much for your interest in learning more about The Pumpkin Family.  

Unlike many books for kids, this book is not a book to hand to a child or a classroom and then walk away.  This book is written for the purpose of a caring adult invested in the future of a child to sit down and read the story to the child (family or class) and then open a dialogue on issues* raised during the reading of the book.  The book provides a wonderful family, or class teaching situation.

(75 % of book sales are from teaching institutions.)


Some of the issues raised include bullying, adoption, race, being overweight, possible death or loss of a loved one, and other issues affecting millions of kids today. The book also has 2 question and answer pages to help kids learn to memorize, and start the process of understanding tolerance.

I hope you will find The Pumpkin Family to be a wonderful learning tool to facilitate a dialogue with the many issues that affect kids today.  Together, you and the kids can discover todays issues and effectively deal with the issues, so your child or classmates are  confident and safe moving forward supporting their friends, family members and themselves  as who they are.

(When reading to kids, we suggest a two day read stopping at page 22.  Begin reading on page 23 the second day through the end of the book. Don't forget the interactive questions at the end of the book.)

   This is a 2 or 3 day lesson.


The Pumpkin Family

The Pumpkin Family is the story of 10 pumpkins that are raised on a farm with the hope of being taken home by children in the big city for Halloween. 

Bullying is the topic as this horrible issue that affects millions of kids today!  The Pumpkin Family Pumpkins themselves start out bullying, only to learn a valuable lesson as they get bullied as well,  later in the story.  The story really changes when even more characters are introduced.

The Pumpkin Family Book ages 4 -8 yrs,  focuses on reading comprehension, memorization and asks simple questions with an adult reader to a child if needed.   THE PUMPKIN FAMILY Book also deals with the loss of family members, running away, the issue of another's color, acceptance, tolerance, adoption, possible death and being accepted and learning to treat others with respect at all times in a very delicate way. The book does not offer a solution to such issues facing kids today, yet more an opportunity for kids to realize they may also be in the same situation, and that they are not alone.  The book then offers the reader to the child or the (Child to the reader) the option to discuss such issues.  A great Learning tool and opportunity for young kids! 

The book offers the parent and child (Or teacher to classroom) to spend quality time together while at the same time offering a lesson on how people should treat one another and accept one another.  Acceptance and Tolerance of all kids is the lesson.

ALL ratings so far on this book are 5 stars.

What a wonderful gift of imagination, laughter, and an important lesson all wrapped up in a fun and colorful story that can be read every year during the Halloween season.  

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