Casting Director, 

Owner:  Childrens School For Acting,  (Bluedog, School Of Acting For Kids)

Acting Coach for thousands of kids (All Ages, all over USA)

Currently Retired

I have no fear of the unknown.  My faith in God, who I am, and how I treat others always reveals the truth.  

Tracy Richard Durphy is my legal name.  I was a child actor for years and the most booked actor in South Florida for most of childhood and my young adult life. Any agent with years of experience in Florida will tell you this! Even as an adult into my 30's, 40's and now 50's I continue to work as an actor. I'm also a retired casting director, From Los Angeles and Miami Florida. (T.R. Durphy Casting) I have cast over a 700 commercials, feature films, music videos, print ads, industrial films, you name it, I cast for it...
Then I retired from casting at age 46. 

 As a Screen Actors Guild child actor, and as an adult, I have appeared myself in hundreds of  TV commercials, (many of those were class A national commercials) many feature films and various TV series.

My book, inspired by my Mother, gave me a platform to where I could explore this horrible situation that happens every day to kids by teaching them that BULLYING  is not ok!  In any form.

I hope this book inspires all of us to be better people towards one another.​​



T.R. Durphy

Phone: 305-606-4069


Located In Greenwich Film Studios

12100 NE 16th Ave. Suite 208

Miami, Florida 33161

6/85 to 12/2017

  • TR Durphy worked as an Independent Casting Director for the worlds largest Production Companies and Advertising Agencies for over 25 years!
  • DUTIES INCLUDED: Meetings with various production personnel on all sides of production to discuss Budget, Concept, Story Boards, Execution of project. This included meetings with Directors, Assistant Directors, Executive Producers, Agency Producers, Line Producers, Co-Producers, Coordinators, Production Managers, Writers, all Legal Departments and any other Casting Directors involved.
  • Other duties included the execution of casting a project. This included casting a specific client’s needs as well as casting “out of the box” to include all people regardless of race, sex, age or disabilities. Casting all talent included meetings with Local and other Nationally located Talent Agencies to find specific talent.
  • Casting Duties included rehearsing talent and then video taping all actors and deciding whom to submit to my client. This could be as little as interviewing 20 actors in a day to as many as 300 actors in a day depending on the job and parts casting for. Additional casting duties included the dubbing of the casting and editing tapes to present to my clients actors in a professional way.
  • Other Duties included various filings with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). This included all paper work as to whom was interviewed for each job and the amount of time each actor was at my office to prevent penalties. Other paper work for the Screen Actors Guild included the filing of all talents personal information for professional Bookings and Taft Hartley reports if needed.
  • Casting Duties included UNION AND NON UNION Commercials, film, Radio, Stage, Industrials, Music Videos, Body Parts (such as Hand models, Foot Models, Hair Models), and models, Adults and Children for the Print Media as well.

  • 2/70 to Current:
  • Professional Actor: As a SAG actor, appeared as a principal performer in over 150 TV Commercials, numerous Feature Films, Music Videos, Industrial Films, TV Series, such as Miami Vice, and numerous print ads, Voice Over for TV and Hundreds of Radio Ads.

  • Current: 
  • * 2007 Casting Director of The Year - Awarded by: The Film Recording & Entertainment Council of Florida
  • * Private Acting Coach for hundreds of Kids, Teens and Adult Actors.
  • * Private Acting Coaching for Film and TV Roles.
  • * Private Acting Coach Specifically for Role Development.
  • * Private Acting Coaching for Commercials.
  • * 20th Century Fox, actor Role Development, Coaching - Film "Bachelor Party".
  • * Hired by Personal Managers for specific known stars for media presentation.
  • * Hired by Management Firms to Coach specific Talent pool in Miami and LA.
  • * Hired by Talent Agencies to coach Talent for specific roles all over the USA.
  • * Hired by Known Personalities for Coaching with On-Camera Media Interviews.
  • * Hired by Legal Representatives for Coaching with Jury Presentations.
  • * T.R. Durphy Auditioning for Commercials Workshops for Actors. (All Levels)
  • * Hired by the most respected NASCAR Race team in the world for     (Driver Coaching) with Interviews.

  • 6/85 to 8/89
  • On Staff Casting Director - Filmworks Corporation - Miami, Fl.  Numerous Commercials, Industrial Films, Music Videos, Radio, etc.
  • On-staff Casting Director for AFI/FILMWORKS, Inc. - Miami (At the time, AFI/FILMWORKS was the largest Production Company in the Southeastern United States) I was Head Casting Director, and in charge of all Castings.

  • 9/89 to 1/94
  • Casting Director, Cole Ave. Studios
  • ABC Television Center - Hollywood, CA1/94 to 1/95
  • Casting Director (Independent) Hollywood, CA

  • 1/95 to 1/04
  • Casting Director, OWNER T.R. DURPHY CASTING.
  • See Client List Below*

  • Other Activities include:
  • * Guest Speaker: Screen Actors Guild
  • * Guest Speaker: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  • * Guest Speaker: The Actors Conservatory
  • * Guest Speaker: Professional Actors Association of Florida
  • * Guest Speaker: Dade County Public School System.
  • * Guest Speaker: Creative Workshops Inc.
  • * Guest Speaker: Invited Various Workshops
  • * ONE ON ONE: With T.R. Durphy, Auditioning for Commercials

  • Current Member: Screen Actors Guild (Member 37 Years)
  • Current Member: AFTRA (Member 27 years)

  • 1998:
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards, Miami Chairman: Fundraising for people with HIV.

  • 1989:
  • * Screen Actors Guild Governing Council Member
  • * Screen Actors Guild Nominating Committee Member
  • * Screen Actors Guild Publications Committee Member
  • * Screen Actors Guild Telecommunications Committee Member
  • * Screen Actors Guild Working and Wages Committee Member
  • * Miami Herald's Silver Knight Award, Drama Judge

  • 1986/1988:
  • *  Screen Actors Guild Governing Council Member
  • *  Screen Actors Guild Nominating Committee Member
  • *  Screen Actors Guild Telecommunications Committee Member
  • *  Screen Actors Guild Working and Wages Committee Member
  • *  Screen Actors Guild Strike Chairman
  • *  Professional Actors Association of Florida, President
  • *  Miami Herald Silver Knight Award Drama Judge

  • 1985/1986:
  • *  Professional Actors Association of Florida, Vice President
  • *  Professional Actors Association of Florida, Newsletter, Editor
  • *  Professional Actors Association of Florida, Membership Chairman

  • T.R. DURPHY CASTING - Partial List of Commercials Cast:

  • Most listed are National and/or Worldwide release:

  • Bounty Paper Towels, Gain Detergent, Minute Maid Lemonade, Verizon Wireless, Red Lobster, John West Tuna, Florida Panthers, Bextra, Lincoln, Florida Keys Tourism, Ford, Dannon Yogurt, American Express, Smuckers Jelly, Disney World, Yoplait Yogurt, Coors Beer, Cheerios, Sears, JC Penney, Pledge, PGA, Hasbro Toys, Jensen Audio, Coleman, Burlington Coat Factory, Coca Cola, McDonalds, BP Oil, DuPont, Gulf Oil, Pepsi Cola, Hawaiian Tropic, General Rent a Car, Huggies Diapers, Budweiser Beer, Levis Jeans, Glade Air Freshener, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Florida Citrus, Howard Johnson Hotels, V8, LaBatt Beer, Umbro Soccer, Cadillac, The Home Club, RC Cola, MCI, Barcardi Rum, Taco Johns, Martin Senour Paints, Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Cruise Lines, Dolphin Cruise Lines, BioGuard Pool Supplies, Saturn Car Company, PCA Qualicare, CBS, NBC, The Real Yellow Pages, Pac Bell, BellSouth, Bell South Mobility, Ralph's Super Markets, Publix Supermarkets, Circle K Convenient Marts, Barnett Bank, First Union Bank, Miami Grand Prix, Benson & Hedges, John Alden Life Insurance, National Heart & Lung Association, Discover Credit Cards, The Bay Club, Pollo Tropical, Office Depot, Pan Am Airlines, Bank Of Omaha, AT&T, Baquacil Pool Treatments, Hechinger Hardware Stores, Kentucky Lottery, Kentucky Utilities Company, Stihl Chainsaws, Casio Watches, L'Oreal Hair, Panadol Pain Relief, Nivea Skin Care, Burma Shave, Shells Seafood, Discount Auto Parts, Mr. CIean, The United States Post Office (next day service), The Phone Stores, Empire Toys, Bryan Foods, Festival Flea Markets, Dobbs Tires, Lanier Copiers, Sonic Burgers, Olympic Paints, Ameritech Phones, Yikes Pencils, Danka Office Copiers, Honda, Dollar Rent A Car, Clopay Garage Doors, General Electric (GE), Florida Tourism, PSA-Take Stock in Children, Florida Orange Juice, Baptist Hospital East, BellSouth (Hispanic), The Real Yellow Pages (Hispanic), Home Depot, Florida Lottery, Pepsi Cola, George Strait-GPC Video, Sprint, Yellowpages, Chevrolet, Tampa Tribune, BlueCross & Blueshield, Premier Cruiselines, Murray's Auto Parts, Volvo, Mitsubishi, The Farmstores, Terminix, Gulden's Mustard, Marriott Hotels, The Florida Panthers, General Power Company, Polaner All-Fruit, Chase Tel Mobile Phones, Detrol, Anti-smoking "Truth" spots, National Diabetes Association, National Consumer Protection, Wendy's Hamburgers, and many more...